This Week's Pooch: Capone

This Week's Pooch: Capone

Capone has been looking for love in all the WRONG places for many years and we are here to help his luck change! Capone came to us several months ago with badly frost bitten ears, deeply infected ears and skin, a sparsely haired body, and brittle painful toenails. He has recovered quite nicely in his foster home thanks to support from Friends of the Shelter for all his needs in the beginning. Although he still has some scars of years past a grain free diet, a fish oil supplement, some room to run, and other pups to play with have done wonders for both his physical and mental health.

Capone is a happy guy, albeit a little shy at first, who loves to explore. He enjoys being outside any time the weather is nice but definitely seeks the comforts of home when the weather goes awry. Capone can be a little protective of his food, so he needs to eat by himself. He can be quite an entertaining little guy when given a basket of toys to explore, and you should see him go shopping in the toy aisle at the pet store!

Capone has luxating patellas (moveable kneecaps), a condition common in small dogs, but they don't impede his mobility or speed so they are not of concern at this time. He is crate trained and housebroken. Capone would love a mature home with lots of people time to enjoy.

Capone is in foster care, so if you are interested in meeting him, please submit your completed application online, via email to Erin @, or via fax to Erin's attention at 614-525-6658. Once your application has been received, we will put you in touch with Capone's foster mom to learn more about him and arrange a meeting.

More About Capone

OK with dogs Crate Trained Constant Companion Vet Reference Required Good with children 12 and above. Friends of the Shelter Dog


  • ID: 59189
  • Location: IN FOSTER
  • Age: 5.0 Years
  • Breed: Chihuahua (Mix)
  • Adult Size: Small
  • Weight: 12.4 lbs
  • Sex: Male (Neutered)
  • Cost: $ 73

Are you interested in...

Meeting Capone?

Capone is currently in one of our foster homes outside of the shelter. Please contact our Foster Coordinator after filling out an Adoption Application and we will get back in touch with you once we receive your application.

Sponsoring Capone?

Visit our Friends of the Shelter website for more information.


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